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Re: Problem with ssh connection

From: "Pieter Dumon" <pieter.dumon@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2006 22:48:22 +0200

If I would use your settings, all my colleagues could grab the key to
the computer room, log in on the console, su to root and just access
each other's stuff ? Doesn't look very attractive to me.  What am I
not getting here ?

    If your console is marked as being secure in /etc/ttys, yes.  You don't
    have to mark it as secure.  I suppose in a large machine room that many
    people have access to you wouldn't want to do that, or if you are
    running your consoles into terminal servers.  But you can still have a
    blank password to allow wheel to 'su' to root in those situations
    and simply require that the person on the console (if not marked secure)
    login as themselves and then su.  At least then you have a record of
    whos account was used to access root.

    For most situations there is no point having a password associated
    with root... it won't be any more secure then not having a password
    at all.

                                        Matthew Dillon

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