DragonFly users List (threaded) for 2007-02
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DragonFly users List (threaded) for 2007-02
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Re: ath(4) major update

From: "Ja'far Railton" <ibn.richard@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 02 Feb 2007 21:46:06 +0300

On Thu, Feb 01, 2007 at 07:55:24PM +0800, Sepherosa Ziehau wrote:
> Hi all,
> Following is a patch updating ath(4) to the latest hal:
> http://leaf.dragonflybsd.org/~sephe/ath0.9.20.3.diff
> This patch is against src/sys
> For HEAD users, this patch should be applied cleanly.
> For 1.8 users, you probably need to apply following patch first:
> http://leaf.dragonflybsd.org/~sephe/sample.h.diff
> Please test/review it.


I applied both patches to 1.8-Release and I get the following error
message in dmesg. What is my next step? (This is on a Thinkpad R30 and a
D-Link DWL-G650.) TIA.

sio1: can't drain, serial port might not exist, disabling
ppc0: parallel port not found.
Manufacturer ID: 71021200
Product version: 7.1
Product name: Atheros Communications, Inc. | AR5001-0000-0000 | Wireless
LAN Reference Card | 00 |
Functions: Network Adaptor, Memory
Function Extension: 02808d5b00
Function Extension: 0240548900
Function Extension: 02001bb700
Function Extension: 0280a81201
Function Extension: 0200366e01
Function Extension: 0200512502
Function Extension: 02006cdc02
Function Extension: 0280f93703
Function Extension: 0200a24a04
Function Extension: 0308
Function Extension: 040600032f123456
Function Extension: 0501
CIS reading done
ath0: <Atheros 5212> mem 0x88010000-0x8801ffff irq 11 at device 0.0 on
ath0: unable to attach hardware; HAL status 3
device_probe_and_attach: ath0 attach returned 6
cbb0: CardBus card activation failed
ad0: 38154MB <FUJITSU MHT2040AS> [77520/16/63] at ata0-master UDMA66
acd0: CDROM <CD-224E> at ata1-master PIO4

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