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Re: Linux Emulation Docs

From: Siju George <sgeorge.ml@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2010 15:03:28 +0530

On Wed, Oct 13, 2010 at 2:24 PM, Chris Turner
<c.turner@199technologies.org> wrote:
> Siju George wrote:
>> I got flash working. Sites like youtube google videos work.
>> Though I haven't compiled in the pcm module for sound
> good news - this means the doc is reproducable yay.
> will make updates tomorrow.

in your doc you forgot to mention installing
ns-flash-9.0.262    MacroMedia Flash Player Netscape plugin

I just put

linux_load=yes in  /boot/loader.conf


linux_enable=yes in /etc/rc.conf

after installing the suse packages.

After a rebbot things worked :-)

> are you on 2.6 or development?

DragonFly v2.7.3.1278.gef4da-DEVELOPMENT #1: Tue Oct 12 09:57:33 IST 2010

>> you don't get flash streaming video.
>> refresh it a few times and X will freeze
> hmm. I think I got this once - but wasn't sure if it was the plugin
> or some interaction with the highly experimental windowmanager I
> was running at the time :)

I changed window managers and tested with "fvwm" and "awesome".
It is the same for both.

> I think perhaps something isn't quite 100% with the
> linuxulator threading / df threading stuff -


> I probably won't get a chance to dig into it -
> but perhaps other linuxulator-minded folks might be interested.
> typical 'binary blob' disclaimers apply, that being said,
> I don't think it should ideally lock up anything, other than
> perhaps firefox, imho.

Ok I have uploaded the stuff to



and the system core dump




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