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Snapshots maintenance

From: Francisco Reyes <lists@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 04 Jan 2011 08:20:32 -0500

How does one adjust the number of snapshots for hammer to keep?

In the man page it says:
HAMMER version 3+
The configuration file is saved in file system meta-data
. ...
The format of the configuration file is:
snapshots  <period> <retention-time> [any]

What ist he name of the configuration file?
. snapshots.period ? That files does not seem human readable/editable.

Also the man page has: "see hammer config."
Is that another section in the man page or another man page? Tried man 5 hammer and searchign for "hammer config" in the main man page.

To delete a snapshot do I just delete the link and prune?
I deleted a few links from /var/hammer/root and then did
hammer prune /var/hammer/root

Got TID 0000000106239300 - 00000001062e2490
TID 0000000104c82520 - 0000000106239300
TID 0000000104a207b0 - 0000000104c82520
TID 00000001043d8dd0 - 0000000104a207b0
TID 00000001040614a0 - 00000001043d8dd0
TID 0000000103616010 - 00000001040614a0
TID 00000001028fb580 - 0000000103616010
TID 00000001028d5dc0 - 00000001028fb580
TID 00000001020f72d0 - 00000001028d5dc0
TID 0000000000000001 - 00000001020f72d0
Prune //: 10 snapshots
Prune //: objspace 8000000000000000:0000 7fffffffffffffff:ffff pfs_id 0
Prune //: prune_min is 0d/00:00:00
Prune // failed: Input/output error <---- Error?
Pruned 0/0 records (0 directory entries) and 0 bytes

Don't see any difference in df. When/how is the space regained?
Had a lot of extra data so now that I cleaned things up I want to delete the snapshots with the extra data to get the space back.

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