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USB4BSD (work in progress) pushed

From: "Sascha Wildner" <saw@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2012 11:44:25 +0200


I've pushed Markus Pfeiffer's USB4BSD porting work to master. Thanks,  

Some words about the state:

To build it instead of the old USB, one has to do two things:

* Put "WANT_USB4BSD=yes" into /etc/make.conf

* Replace

     device usb


     device "usb4bsd"

   in the kernel config. Or, to mess with just its modules, comment out  
"device usb" in the config.

The make.conf setting is for the userland parts (libusbhid and some other  
stuff) and the config change is for the kernel parts. By default, we  
continue building our old USB stack, since the new one isn't yet there to  
replace it (mainly because of missing drivers, but that will hopefully  
change soon).

Note that the quotes around "usb4bsd" in the kernel config part are needed  
right now, to cope with a yet unfixed weakness in our config(8) program.

We'll follow up with more info.


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