DragonFly BSD


Installed system

Hyperthreading is detected on an SMP system with APIC-IO.

I'm still in the process of getting a useful system. ACPI doesn't work, and with out it, the wireless livelocks and doesn't work either. Last tested IRC's polachok's newacpi kernel (2009-10-26).

Wired network

Works perfectly with the Broadcom bge(4) driver.


I removed the Intel card and put in an Atheros 5424 series which is known to work well in Dragonfly using ath(4). It gets a little bit hotter than the default Intel card.

To get it to work I had to boot once with the sysctl hw.pci.mcfg=1 After that it worked perfectly.

Power Management

Still need ACPI to work.


should work fine with snd_hda. Haven't tested yet though.


looking forward to trying to get DRI to work.