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i386 phaseout discussion

Phasing out i386 Support in Dragonfly - Discussion

On IRC a discussion started if - and how - i386 support in DragonFly BSD should be phased out in the next e.g. 2 years. This page should serve as a central point to note down arguments, pro/cons etc in a structured and organized way to prevent the discussion to repeat over and over again using the same point, etc.

Points noted down here can be totally subjective and be posted anonymously - but I would like to suggest that you mark them with you name or irc nick. They should be formulated concise and as short as possbile (no poetry please).


Pros and Cons on removing i386

Pros and Cons on turning 3.4-i386 into a bug-fix-only release with LTS for a defined period of time (e.g. 2 years), but no more feature updates

Pros and Cons on keeping i386 alive in the same way as it is now (e.g. there will be a i386-3.6 release, etc), but announcing i386 EOL for end of 20xx (e.g. 2014).