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Re: Problem with CUPS?

From: Adam K Kirchhoff <adamk@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 2004 20:44:46 -0400

Matthew Dillon wrote:

:Has anyone had any issues with their machines locking up soon after
:cups starts up? :-)  Nothing shows up on the console (ie. no debugger),
:but my entire machine locks solid.

   Adam (and anyone with the freeze-on-serial-port or freeze-on-CUPS-start
   problem), do me a favor and try some things:

(1) rename /dev/ttyd0, ttyd1, ttyd2, and ttyd3 to something else, e.g.
/dev/ttyd0.x, /dev/ttyd1.x, ... Then see if CUPS starts up.

It does.

(2) Restore the original namings and try to run a getty on ttyd0 by
editing /etc/ttys and HUPing init. See if that crashes the machine.

Heh... I can do one better for you. For a little while now, when I boot with the console going through the serial port, it doesn't get beyond mounting / before the machine locks up. I never put 2+2 together with the posts I read about the crash when running getting on ttyd0, though I should have.

(3) If it does crash the machine, reboot (single user) and fix ttys back,
remove the last modification I had made to the serial port code (see patch below), and try running a getty on ttyd0 again to see if
it still crashes.

I'll patch it now and rebuild the entire system tonight (haven't done that in a while).. I'll try and get back to you tomorrow.


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