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Re: sys/ tree re-structuring proposal

From: Shawn <drevil@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 05 Aug 2003 22:54:10 -0500

On Tue, 2003-08-05 at 20:09, Chip Norkus wrote:
> The only problem I've had with cvs2svn is that it doesn't do branches and 
> tags (yet).  However, at this point there are no branches or tags for 
> DFBSD, so it would be an optimal time to give cvs2svn a go.  Anyhow, I'm 
> going to give this a try and report back on how it goes.  Assuming no 
> major problems I should have a repository later this evening for anyone 
> who wants to check it out.

Hrm, well when the GtkRadiant repository was converted branches, tags,
etc were converted along with everything else. You might check with
TTimo on #qeradiant on irc.telefragged.com when he's around and see what
script he used, someone else in that channel might now as well.

Shawn <drevil@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

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