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Re: building X on DragonFly

From: Matthew Dillon <dillon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 9 Dec 2003 13:49:00 -0800 (PST)

:	After initially having problems with botched src tree, I wiped and cvsup'd
:clean and started over. As of about a week ago I have a stable and running
:system. I built X with the overrride pointing to the dfports version of
:XFree86-4-libraries. When done I then started with fluxbox, then xfce4, and
:subsequently most of Gnome. This, of course, included the prerequiste
:dependencies as well. There were about 5-6 times builds stopped because they
:were looking for /usr/local/lib libraries in /usrX11R6/lib. I just made
:symlinks to move the process forward. 
:	Currently using xfce4 as the Window manager with Opera, Sylpheed,
:Evolution, XMMS, Realplayer, AbiWord, gedit, CUPS printing, Xchat, Eterm,
:Nautilus, and aproximately 85% of Gnome itself. I use KDE primarily (on the
:FreeBSD side), but wanted to expand my horizon and look at other things.
:KDE 3.2 isn't due out for a couple of months so this was a good interum with
:which to play around. The system has been extremely stable and seems to run
:very smoothly.
:	The only current problem I have is not being able to get the nvidia-driver
:working. On the FreeBSD box it is clearly faster than the nv driver as when
:moving window boxes with things like Realplayer it doesn't leave "smear"
:trails. But since things work as well as they do I don't consider this a
:show stopper by any means. I think this problem is probably unique to my
:box, some form of operator error as I'm not the brightest guy in the world.
:	I just wanted to give some "end user" kind of non-coder feedback. To all
:the coders out there that make this happen:  a hearty Thank You!!!
:-Michael Powell

    If you leave your ports working sets intact it should be possible to
    generate patch sets relative to the original dist file to create a 
    DFly override port for the areas where trouble is hitting.  It's a lot of
    work, but...

    I don't want to 'waste' too much time on DFly override ports because we
    really should be focused on our own ports system, but we don't have 
    the infrastructure for it yet :-( so I guess DFly overrides have to 
    keep it all glued together for a while yet.

					Matthew Dillon 

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