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Re: building X on DragonFly

From: Michael Powell <testuser@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 9 Dec 2003 15:49:36 -0500

::>     It took a lot of work, er, hacking, to get XFree86 to compile.  If 
::> after
::>     all of that there are still problems, post the tail end of the 
::> output to
::>     the list.
::I don't even see the XFree86-Server port... just libs.  I am doing 
::CVSup and
::cvs update -dP to get that.
::>     KDE and Gnome are another deal entirely... they would require a 
::> lot more
::>     work to get working.
:    Which just reinforces my desire to help you to get XFree working on
:    your box :-)
:					-Matt
:					Matthew Dillon 
:					<dillon@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

	After initially having problems with botched src tree, I wiped and cvsup'd
clean and started over. As of about a week ago I have a stable and running
system. I built X with the overrride pointing to the dfports version of
XFree86-4-libraries. When done I then started with fluxbox, then xfce4, and
subsequently most of Gnome. This, of course, included the prerequiste
dependencies as well. There were about 5-6 times builds stopped because they
were looking for /usr/local/lib libraries in /usrX11R6/lib. I just made
symlinks to move the process forward. 

	Currently using xfce4 as the Window manager with Opera, Sylpheed,
Evolution, XMMS, Realplayer, AbiWord, gedit, CUPS printing, Xchat, Eterm,
Nautilus, and aproximately 85% of Gnome itself. I use KDE primarily (on the
FreeBSD side), but wanted to expand my horizon and look at other things.
KDE 3.2 isn't due out for a couple of months so this was a good interum with
which to play around. The system has been extremely stable and seems to run
very smoothly.

	The only current problem I have is not being able to get the nvidia-driver
working. On the FreeBSD box it is clearly faster than the nv driver as when
moving window boxes with things like Realplayer it doesn't leave "smear"
trails. But since things work as well as they do I don't consider this a
show stopper by any means. I think this problem is probably unique to my
box, some form of operator error as I'm not the brightest guy in the world.

	I just wanted to give some "end user" kind of non-coder feedback. To all
the coders out there that make this happen:  a hearty Thank You!!!

-Michael Powell

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