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RFC: notification structs

From: ibotty <bsd@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 21 Mar 2004 23:49:17 +0100

this is about the receiving api for notifications.

i have been using a awkward way to notify clients till now. (basically
writing to something like a pipe)

so i wanted to modify it to use the lwkt messaging system.
(seems like a good idea, given, that a notification is just a simple message
to many clients.)

to the question, what do you prefer, a data layout, that is closely tied to
the lwkt_msg api (some special MSGC_ flags + ms_resultp pointer), or some
other data format (the one i have been using so far).

the other data format has the advantage, that it is a simple and small
struct, that is easy to understand. one does not need to understand lwkt,
to use it.
plus, it would look the same in userspace (w/o async messages to userland,
this thing would kind of suck^H^H^H^Hblock).

the lwkt-integrated data format would be one less api to learn, so this is
what i prefer, nevertheless.
i may hide the userland bit with a more userfriendly api either way.


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