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Grub and DragonFly?

From: Eli Scott <dragonfly@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 21 Mar 2004 15:18:25 -0800

Hey guys,

This isn't a horribly urgent question, but I recently installed
DragonFly from the 20040317b iso, and upon trying to boot it via grub, I
get the following...

Invalid Partition
/boot.config: :)	 # That's right, a freakin' smiley face...wtf? 
DragonFly/i386 boot
Default: 0:ad(0,Y) :)	 # same smiley face guy.
# then after a couple seconds..

Invalid Parition
No :)

In actuality, the smiley face is it's own character, not a string of two
as represented here.  I'm using the standard chainloader +1 grub
statement, which seems to be calling DragonFly semi-correctly, since I
actually get to the boot program.  I had DragonFly installed before from
one of the first ISO's that were based off of sysinstall, and grub
worked fine.  Currently it boots FreeBSD 5.2.1 and Gentoo Linux just
dandily.  If I wipe the boot sector and install boot blocks onto my
primary harddrive using boot0cfg per the README, it boots fine, I just
don't get to boot FreeBSD or Linux (which I really kind of want to do). 
So, Anyone out there use Grub to boot Dragonfly?  And, if so, how the
heck have you managed to do it?

Also, I'd be happy with just the proper command to pass to the DragonFly
boot loader.  Drgaonfly is installed on ad0 with the partitionoing
scheme laid out in the README.

Oh, and great job so far.  I've been following this project since it was
first announced as being a project, and it seems like a huge leap
forward for BSD.  I can't wait until 1.0 come out and I really can't
wait to see your version of ports.  Keep up the awesome work.


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