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Re: DragonFly BSD wiki

From: "Devon H. O'Dell" <dodell@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 01 Dec 2004 21:45:34 +0100

Jasse Jansson wrote:

On Dec 1, 2004, at 2:31 PM, Sascha Wildner wrote:

Devon H. O'Dell wrote:

There are more uses for the Wiki, and if I thought for a couple more minutes, I'd probably be able to actually think of several more good ones, but this email's just mostly to let people know of its existance. So if you've got anything to feed the Wiki, please do!

This might also be a good place for Jasse Jansson's Hardware Compatibility List.

Sure. IF I can find a way to get people to send me some info about their hardware.
So far there have been more requests for a more or less direct copy of the FreeBSD
hw list than submission from dfly users <hint>.

Jasse -- Authorized Stealth Oracle

It'd indeed be nice to get specific revision number and models instead of just chipsets. Use the Wiki as you please for this. I'll send you information about DFCluster tomorrow.


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