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My freebsd dream

From: pagux <freebsdromeo@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 02 Dec 2004 07:32:28 +0530

Hello Sirs,

I have a dream....to make worlds best free bsd based desktop system in the world .....but why do I want that (freebsd does great on servers . ..and why do we need this ?) ..Bcos billions of people who desktop system have no real choice ...they are stuck with M$ and further confused by hundreds of linux variants......they need a INTUITIVE, EASY to USE ,FRIENDLY

which is also easy to manage centrally in a cooperate environments has binary compatibilities , SECURE and Virus free . I think freebsd provides this ......after all MAc OS X is based on it.... i also went to drawin + gnu drawin site ...failed to find anything interesting (and confusing license)

I think we should have a elegant graphical install

graphical install ->> can we boot from bootable CD (lik e knoppix) and then run a install program (which maybe web(from the bootable cd)/perl-gtk script based GUI software for easy install....this will allow us to easily install the system with out low level installation

Easy Management(scallable to thousands of system)->p2p based software distribution system like bittorent or jaxta to pull heavy software package then use port ystem to finally install

Centrall Administration & policies -> Samba + Openldap + phpLDAPadmin + policies (???)

Autonomic healing - ???

Stateless BSD (like redhats stateless linux project)

I know my dream is worth while .....one day people will use freeBsd variant as thier desktop ...which will never crash nor complain

I have a dream .....it called MyBSD (most easy to use , friendly freeBSD based desktop in the world and administrator’s delight )

Unfortunately freeBsd guys dont think its worth while :-(

Pl give your feedback/ suggestions / hate mails

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