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Re: My freebsd dream

From: Maxime Labelle <labelle.maxime@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 2 Dec 2004 11:58:14 -0500

	What about diversity? What choice would you give to your users if the system proposed would be the 'best operating system in the world' ? You can't please the needs of every users.

	Even if most first time pc users are using Microsoft for they're first environement they can always try for free Linux(Fedora is quite user-friendly for what I have seen), Solaris, QNX, *BSD, etc. They're can try Plan9 if they want to. They do have a choice. The confusion does not comes from the many UNIX to use, but from the mindset of fear and the lack of knowledge. If one wants to change his car, one has to *accept to learn* how to drive the new one. The diffrent engine, the new accessories
, etc.

	I don't think people need INTUITIVE, EASY to USE and FRIENDLY. I think people need to get a book, read it and learn stuff. I think people need to be less afraid to "loose everything" or to "break something". From there it is your job to make your environement secure, easy to use and stable. 

	I find *BSDs great operating systems for many technical and/or political reasons. I make use of those systems the way I like it. And if I want to improve the quality of these systems, for either me or anyone else, I can either do it myself or wine about it.

	I have very little hatered towards any other OS out there. In fact, I respect every of these systems. I may not use them for personnal reasons, but I understand how they work and why they are being used. 

	Unfortunatly, you're dream ends here. The rest of it are just preferences of use, suggestions for a gui and some dusts of what you did not remember when you woke up this morning ;)

	My 2 cents.

Maxime Labelle | Security consultant | info(at)vt220.com

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