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Re: Loader not found

From: Bill Hacker <wbh@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2005 14:37:17 +0800

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Chris Pressey wrote:


> I think Sam is referring to a system like FreeBSD where the CD boots
> into a FreeBSD kernel, but is not a full-fledged FreeBSD system with
> /bin, /etc, /usr, etc.

Odd position, IMNSHO.

I cannot perhaps do as much with the DFLY installer
as with a Morphix/Knoppix before giving it something
writeable beside memory - *BUT* I *can already* do
more with DFLY at that stage than a 4.X BSD CD allowed.

> The installer was never designed with such a boot CD in mind, and
> adapting it to work on one would be, well, non-trivial.
> -Chris

Don't really see the need for change to present iso's.
(well a working splash 'Fred' option for eye-candy<g>)

If one must run from only CD and available RAM, that is a whole
'nother specialty - (see 'Puppy Linux') and one that probably
falls into the 'parlour trick' niche so far as *BSD's go.
PicoBSD didn't grab a lot of share...

However - the increasing space and declining cost of
USB and mass-market camera memory is enough to do
a reasonably comlete install into, and CF at least can even
be formatted ufs.  That needs no change either.

A PCMCIA/Cardbus/IDE adapter, a short IDE cable,
and a 256MB CF can boot any MB a HDD could - even
if not USB bootable.

Now  - for 'instant gratification' folks, well - how about
a 3G handset phone with their favorite pics for wallpaper?

"Get away from that WHEELBARROW, John, yez ain't
*qualified* ta run no complicated heavy equipment!"

There probably *should* be at least a little bit of
a barrier to *BSD entry.  Ability to read, and follow simple
instructions?  Check the vernacular and slang in a
VectorLinux iso. A 'street-talk' installer, even!  ;-)


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