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Re: 2 questions regarding PF

From: Jan Lentfer <Jan.Lentfer@xxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 03 Nov 2010 14:16:54 +0100


On Wed, 3 Nov 2010 00:28:29 +0100, Przemysław Pawełczyk <pp_o2@o2.pl>
> Hi,
> 1. Why PF 4.2 not 4.7 or 4.8?

Going from pf as included in OpenBSD 3.5 to the version in OpenBSD 4.2
already included changing some ten thousands line of code, including
changing network subsystems that are not used soley by pf (e.g. mbuf
headers, altq). It is not, as you seem to think, just replacing some source
files and recompile. But if you were really interested you could have found
out by looking at the corresponding commits. I have been working on this
for approximatley 4 month several hours a day, and guess what, this is not
my daily job, but my hobby. Sure, 4.7, 4.8 or whatever is actual by the
time I get there is the final goal, but I'd rather do it in smaller, but
working and tested steps, than incorporating 7 or 8 years of development on
the OpenBSD side in one hasty rush. Maybe we will be on the same version
than OpenBSD with 2.10, mabye with 2.12 or 2.14, I don't know yet. But this
has already been discussed on the MLs, to this is actually just a
summarized repetition.

As far as documentation is concerned, the pf man pages have been updated
and include, at least to my knowledge, the DF specific differences (which
are fairq and pickups) and you can work quite well with the OpenBSD
examples on their website, of course using the appropriate version. I do
and did it that way and I don't see why it should be any harder for you.

I have to say one thing, too: Your demands towards this project in regard
to documentation, actuality, features, etc, are pretty high, but your
contributions are really not seeable. As long as this is the case, it would
be very kind of you, if you just formulate your emails a little less
demanding. I get the impression that you are trying to goad people involved
in this project - on purpose or by weakness of character, I haven't found
out yet. Of course I hope my impression is totally wrong and you are just
honestly seeking help and just don't hit the right tone.

Kind Regads,


professional: http://www.oscar-consult.de
private: http://neslonek.homeunix.org/drupal/

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