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docs/howtos/HowTo dma gmail
Using dma for sending mails via GMail SMTP About This HOWTO helps you to set up dma for sending mails via gmail accounts. It's useful if you do not want to run -- and especially setup -- sendmail, postfix or other big MTA. So it's ideal for home use. Sending mails via gmail reduces the risk that your mail lands in some spam mailbox. Why these? The DragonFly Mail Agent (dma) is a small Mail Transport Agent (MTA), designed for home and office use. On a DragonFly system why should you use anything else? Mutt...
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Switching Mail Transfer Agents Every release of DragonFly BSD up to and including Release 4.0 comes with Sendmail configured as the Mail Transfer Agent (MTA). Since Release 1.12, the DragonFly Mail Agent (DMA) has been available in base, but manual configuration has been required to activate it. On 15 March 2015, the default MTA has been switched to DMA in preparation of removing Sendmail version 8.14.5 from the base system. The DragonFly Mail Agent is a minimalist MTA that handles emails competently for...
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enhance dma(8) during the SoC 2008 A Google Summer of Code 2008 project. Student: Max Lindner Mentor: Matthias Schmidt Project Proposal Abstract dma - a minimalistic non-listening mta for dragonflybsd shall gain some more functionality regarding processing and delivering mail. The project adresses two main subjects: -smart delivery to smarthosts -support for .forward local delivery Status finished Timeline Until May 25th - reading dma source, creating build environment, get to know the development...
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DragonFly BSD 4.2 Version 4.2.0 released 29 June 2015. Version 4.2.1 released 01 July 2015. Version 4.2.3 released 13 July 2015. Version 4.2.4 released 10 August 2015. Version 4.2 of DragonFly brings significant updates to i915 and Radeon support, a move to GCC 5 (and the first BSD to do so), a replacement to Sendmail, and numerous other changes including OpenSSL updates, a new boot screen, improved sound, and improved USB support. 4.2.1 brings a fix for a crash when using i915 video. Version 4.2.2 was...
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Obtaining DragonFly 1.10.x for your system 1.10.1 ISO Images for CDs DragonFly CDs are 'live', which means that the CD will boot your system and let you log in as root (no password). You can use this feature to check for hardware compatibility and play with DragonFly a little before actually installing it on your hard drive. The CD includes an installer that can be run at the console, or (experimentally) via a web browser. Make sure you read the README file for more information. To activate the...
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Google Summer of Code 2008 This page describes DragonFly's participation in Google's Summer of Code 2008. We have been given seven slots: Google GSoC - DragonFly BSD DragonFly Projects Enhance dma Max Lindner , mentored by Matthias Schmidt See EnhanceDmaGSoC for more information Port DragonFly to the AMD64 architecture Jordan Gordeev , mentored by Matthew Dillon See AMD64GSoC for more information. RFC3542 support Dashu Huang , mentored by Hasso Tepper The standard application program interface...
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docs/developer/DragonFly Technologies
This page lists DragonFly inventions, new DragonFly tools, or DragonFly implementations of new technologies. battd - Battery status monitoring daemon checkpt - restore/resume support for Process Checkpointing (serialize process state to be resumed later on a compatible system) devfs - dynamic device file system diskinfo - report about block media devices dma - The DragonFly Mail Agent dntpd - Network time protocol client daemon ECC detection - detects memory faults on supported systems getdevpath - device...
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recentchanges/change cf1f4501d2617f42e1f006ceef6bfc6a5616c450
Changed pages: release42 Changed by: ftigeot Commit type: web Date: 16:51:00 06/27/15 More details about the DMA transition ...
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Information for Users The handbook How to work with pkgsrc (obsolete) How to work with dports Hardware Supported hardware DragonFly on laptops Misc Setting up swapcache Comparison with Linux ContribSoftware GlossaryOfTerms Information for Developers Developer Notes Jan Lentfer (lentferj@) Joe Talbott (josepht@) Max Herrgard (luxh) Simon Schubert To-do Alex Hornung To-do Programming How to use git to submit patches How to create crash dumps for debugging C Development Under DragonFly BSD...
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DragonFly Projects This page shall serve as a common place to look if you're in search of a DragonFly related project. It's also the place to check if someone else is already working on it (to prevent project collision) or should be contacted. Projects that can be clearly used for Google Code-In are marked with their category, where applicable. Some unmarked items may be eligible; it depends on how the student wants to tackle the project. Documentation projects Write manpages sysref (GCI:Documentation...
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