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Re: xorg +XGI Volari XP5

From: Hummel Tom <tom@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 26 Apr 2005 20:13:36 +0200

a competitive offering in ~12 months or so (the Turion isn't it).

Why you think Turion isn't competive?

Yes, but it's not as efficient as a Pentium-M, and you can't buy it everywhere yet.

I can buy one for 929EUR, 512 MiB Ram, a Turion64 1.6Ghz CPU, 80 GB, DVD±RW DL Writer, Modem, Ethernet 10/100Mb, 801.11g, USB2.0

The shop is having it in storage.

That's just thermal dissipation, not real power usage.

I gave you evicence on the validiy of these number, what you give me is a vague expectation based on nothing... please back up your claims with numbers, or don't claim anything.

I'm wondering what stresstest you did on that winny? Running SuperPI, 3DSmax renders etc. produces heat sometimes in excess of the TDP spedified for said processor (I tested on a Winchester 3000+).

http://www.hardtecs4u.com/reviews/2005/amd_90nm/index5.php Official TDP by AMD: 67 Watt Testet with Prime95: 38.65 Watt

If you look at the old Athlon64 3500+, you will notice AMD's TDP is set at 89, the test measured 59.32. Same goes for the FX-55 offical number is 104Watts, and measured in this test 72.99...

I'm curious what you tested.

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