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Re: xorg +XGI Volari XP5

From: "Thomas E. Spanjaard" <tgen@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 26 Apr 2005 20:49:52 +0200

Hummel Tom wrote:
I can buy one for 929EUR, 512 MiB Ram, a Turion64 1.6Ghz CPU, 80 GB, DVD±RW DL Writer, Modem, Ethernet 10/100Mb, 801.11g, USB2.0

The shop is having it in storage.

The fact that you can get it doesn't mean it's available everywhere. My favourite local suppliers don't have them in stock yet, and don't expect it for several weeks. Besides, a Pentium-M 1.5GHz runs circles around said 1.6GHz Turion64.

I gave you evicence on the validiy of these number, what you give me is a vague expectation based on nothing... please back up your claims with numbers, or don't claim anything.

My calculations (see below) resulted in a measured TDP of 72W tops, for the Winchester 3000+.

Official TDP by AMD: 67 Watt
Testet with Prime95: 38.65 Watt

If you look at the old Athlon64 3500+, you will notice AMD's TDP is set at 89, the test measured 59.32. Same goes for the FX-55 offical number is 104Watts, and measured in this test 72.99...

I tested CPU power usage by checking individual component power usage, total power usage and voltage levels with a power supply modified not to regulate voltage levels (of course it was powerful enough, Enermax 600W). I had to do this because you can't get a definitive reading of the motherboard-CPU combo (as opposed to memory, which you can measure with load testers and VDDR voltage boosters in different systems, and using those values for comparison).

I used various software to get all functional units active, including heavy memory switching. Prime95 may be a good tool to benchmark ALU performance, it doesn't burn the whole 100% of the processor.

However, this is not relevant at all to the subject at hand. I stick to my primary recommendation of a Pentium-M based notebook, with either the Intel integrated graphics or the mobile ATi and nVidia offerings.

		-- Thomas E. Spanjaard

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