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FreeBDS -> FreeBSD
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Increase webcam bounty
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Add the "Issues" section and note that '-cpu host' doesn't work
-machine [type=]name[,prop=value[,...]] Select the emulated machine by name. Use -machine help to list available machines.
Correct typos in Clevo W253EU DragonFlyOnLaptops
Add CLEVO W253EU laptop model to DragonflyOnLaptops
Add links to NVMM document and qemu60 port
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Add NAT setup for QEMU by using PF
Add TAP networking guide
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update for rename of docs/how_to_implement_hammer_pseudo_file_system__40___pfs___41___slave_mirroring_from_pfs_master/index.mdwn to docs/howtos/hammer__95__pfs__95__slave__95__mirroring/index.mdwn
rename docs/how_to_implement_hammer_pseudo_file_system__40___pfs___41___slave_mirroring_from_pfs_master/index.mdwn to docs/howtos/hammer__95__pfs__95__slave__95__mirroring/index.mdwn
Update OpenGrok link
Complete nvmm hypervisor porting
Add links to the online man pages
modernize this page.
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There's no GENERIC for x86 configuration anymore
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Add 6.0.0 release
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Should say .0 just to be clear in case of the inevitable .0.1.
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Add MD5 sums
6.0.0 tag commit message link.
More version numbers
More of the Fojt changes into the list
Start on the many many tool update version numbers.
starting to list out changes for 6.0; nowhere near complete.
6.0 release page skeleton
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Add repo link
dandan takes over the valgrind port
pkill/pgrep -T has been implemented in a2d71d01f5b798e1d53f2052232e39f6d185faf6
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Relocate Dmitrii's submission to the wallpapers section and provide a 1920x1080 version as well.
Adjust Aleksandra's img based on submission
Add LadyDragonfly Wallpaper
* From Dmitrii Postolov, created by Aleksandra Prokofyeva