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Add repo link
dandan takes over the valgrind port
pkill/pgrep -T has been implemented in a2d71d01f5b798e1d53f2052232e39f6d185faf6
Adjust credit
Relocate Dmitrii's submission to the wallpapers section and provide a 1920x1080 version as well.
Adjust Aleksandra's img based on submission
Add LadyDragonfly Wallpaper
* From Dmitrii Postolov, created by Aleksandra Prokofyeva
Improve style a bit
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Note minor instructions for mirroring, changing pkg repos
Remove myself as contact for mirroring. Agreed with justin@
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Add separate links to SJTUG (the base URL gives 404 at the moment)
Add links to mirror components
Add mirror in SJTUG (Shanghai, China)
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Correct s/German/Germany/
Update ToC
Check and update mirrors
Rearrange official site
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Remove old entry for name.
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Return bounty to open status
New addition to the acer section of the laptops.
Correction of a clause about the need for a backup for /build
Add link to code bounties
Fix links
Add new section about code bounties
Fix typo pointed by algiuxas (via IRC)
oddball text removed.
Paul Leon Diaz
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Add 5.8.3 release
Note 5.8.3
Update links for 5.8.3
5.8.3 checksums
Note CVEs fixed in 5.8.3.
5.8.2 -> 5.8.3
Add 5.8.2 release
5.8.1 -> 5.8.2
5.8.1 -> 5.8.2 links
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remove ftp services from avalon
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Mention OpenSSL being used and section for sting dsynth configuration
-DNO_MAKEDEV_RUN is obsolete
slot to reader
missed quoting
proper naming
added asus x555l article
messed up spacing
new laptop article
No commercial links.
vulnerability tester test / emailed dillon
This reverts commit 3cf4c0645e25d5c2034eb2f980460fa7b1d6056c
Add donation from Channa Yoeurn. Thanks! Remove odd link.
Documented an extended disk layout with HAMMER2 PFSs
Documented installation to a hard drive slice with rEFInd
Replaced references to dead links for RAID calculations and replaced each link to helpful site.
Fixup typo
Add 5.8.1 release