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Recent changes to this wiki:

Add 6.2.1 release & fixup release date (fixes typo in prev commit message)
Add 6.0.0 release
Release notes are linked here too
Missed a .0 -> .2 change in link text
Missed a .0 -> .2 change
Update for 6.2.1, link to release page
unambiguous date style
Remove "do not link" note, updated release date
updated links
6.2.1 changes, updated md5s
add nvmm doc link and various formatting improvements
Add a link to the list of closed issues
Fix some table issues
releases: Change 6.2 issue list to a table
releases: Add 6.2 changelog page
sandbox: test commit from the git repo
Sandbox test
Remove make upgrade line
Shorten make initrd comment.
Newer targets for system build - thanks falsifian on EFNet #dragonflybsd
Formatting fixes, intro paragraph written
More notes
More release notes; still in progress
Initial 6.2 release page, copied from 6.0
Just pkg install qemu
Donation from Konstantin Schukraft. Thanks!
nvmm: describe bridge network setup
Donation from David Marec. Thanks!
More libusb depends. AF_ARP was added.
Put all dport specific entries in one table. Add more info.
New Iran mirror, from fakeshell@bardia.tech. Created Middle East section for it.
Donation from Krzysztof Piecuch. Thanks!
Donation from Brendan Kosowski. Thanks!
Add 6.0.1 release
Update ISO links for 6.0.1.
Note 6.0.1, link to commit
6.0.1 note
Fix typo
minor fix
add a todo item about pci-passthrough
minor tweaks
move a note to a more appropriate place
create a new subsection for NAT config
adjust notes and add ipv6 todo
FreeBDS -> FreeBSD
Donation from Naoya Sugioka . Thanks!
create bounty: in-kernel wireguard port
various formatting improvements
update tuxillo's actual donation amount
use USD instead of CNY
hypervisor bounty already paid :-)
Add completion date
Increase webcam bounty
Increase webcam bounty
Add USB webcam code bounty
Add the "Issues" section and note that '-cpu host' doesn't work
-machine [type=]name[,prop=value[,...]] Select the emulated machine by name. Use -machine help to list available machines.
Correct typos in Clevo W253EU DragonFlyOnLaptops
Add CLEVO W253EU laptop model to DragonflyOnLaptops
Add links to NVMM document and qemu60 port
Fix SSH port forwarding error
Add NAT setup for QEMU by using PF
Add TAP networking guide
Add references
Add qemu basic setup usage
Add setup and example usages
Add design description
Add introduction and design diagram
attachment upload
Add preliminary NVMM hypervisor page
Prepare for NVMM hypervisor page
Add two links to projects
More minor adjustments
Fix a link
Minor changes
rename docs/howtos/hammer__95__pfs__95__slave__95__mirroring/index.mdwn to docs/howtos/hammer-pfs-slave-mirroring/index.mdwn
Minor updates
update for rename of docs/how_to_implement_hammer_pseudo_file_system__40___pfs___41___slave_mirroring_from_pfs_master/index.mdwn to docs/howtos/hammer__95__pfs__95__slave__95__mirroring/index.mdwn
rename docs/how_to_implement_hammer_pseudo_file_system__40___pfs___41___slave_mirroring_from_pfs_master/index.mdwn to docs/howtos/hammer__95__pfs__95__slave__95__mirroring/index.mdwn
Update OpenGrok link
Complete nvmm hypervisor porting
Add links to the online man pages
modernize this page.
Donation from Lucas Guimarães Gonçalves. Thanks!
Donation from Gregory Colpart. Thanks!
There's no GENERIC for x86 configuration anymore