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Correctly format
Add corepower(4) note from reading ivadasz's comments on EFNet #dragonflybsd
Add link to power document
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Improve the description on 5.4.1 highlights
Improve formatting
Add 5.4.1 release
Cleanup H2 notes for 5.4.1
Minor word order correction
5.4.1 release notes
Update links to 5.4.1
Update for 5.4.1
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5.4.1 update notes
rename docs/docs/handbook/RunSecureBrowser/index.mdwn to docs/handbook/RunSecureBrowser/index.mdwn
redirect to cover old links
mark official sites, add more github protocols
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Add link of HAMMER2 design doc v6
Update to 5.4 release. Change detailed description for upgrade process & checksums to link to release page for latest release: easier to maintain as info not duplicated. Add link to all releases page.
Add 5.4 release
pass 3
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Add PR tracking and update state
Spell out what NUMA means
5.4 release note
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5.4 links
Add md5s
Added Thinkpad T420
Add initrd step explanation and link, just cause it's new instructions
Link to 5.4.0 tag commit
Get page ready for intended release Monday
Start writing a page about rust support
Note make initrd step, pkg update too.
Note about wpa_supplicant
Added section on how to load dm_target_crypt kernel module prior to disk encryption.
Let UPGRADING do what UPGRADING is supposed to do
Remove note about HAMMER2 update for now; it will go in the next update probably
Web browser link add; filling out paragraphs, few capitalizations
note more than one place to edit in param.h, cause that is apparently a mistake I can make
Added a section on how to encrypt the data mirror.
Move initrd position, add openresolv and ip6addrctl
Add manpage links, update descriptions a bit
First fill-in for various parts
Create synth page
Initial start of release page
Note about pkg versions and building collections
Note to use rc1 instead of rc, so that I don't kick myself every time I have to roll an rc2.
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fix some typos
updated formatting in wireless network section and corrected typo
updating formatting issues in graphics support section
Modified section for Grapics support
adding section for graphical drivers
correcting format issues
Updated section for wireless networks for configuration
Updated installed system to dragonflybsd version
basic ideapady500 related points
adding page reference to ideapad y500 and its installation process
Added ideapad in the list of supported laptop