DragonFly BSD


What is HAMMER?

HAMMER is a file system written for DragonFly that provides instant crash recovery, multi-volume file systems, integrity checking, fine grained history/undo, networked mirroring, and historical snapshots. HAMMER is the default file system for DragonFly.

General details


Backups and history

For more details, please read the hammer(5) man page. People interested in porting HAMMER to other operating systems should contact Matthew Dillon at dillon at backplane.com.


Document Description
hammer(5) Hammer starter manual page
hammer(8) Hammer utility manual page
undo(1) Hammer undo command
hammer.pdf Hammer major feature document
hammer Hammer mailing list - see mailing list page
NYCBSDCon Slideshow from NYCBSDCon 11 Oct 2008

General Administrative Notes

More help topics involving HAMMER can be found in the documentation section of this website.


HAMMER2, the successor of HAMMER, is under active development since 2012. For more information, you can consult the following resources: