DragonFly BSD


The DragonFly Project, like many open source projects, is a technical project supported by a team of geographically separated people. There are no restrictions on who can contribute or how you can contribute, other than peer standards. Listed here are some of the people who have made this project possible.

Project Leader

Matthew Dillon is known for creating the DICE C compiler on the Amiga, and later co-founding BEST Internet in San Francisco. Matt has also contributed code to The FreeBSD Project and the Linux kernel for subsystems such as VM and NFS.

Matt is the founder of The DragonFly Project. Matt is also the principal code contributor to DragonFly BSD and supports the website and other online resources for this project. He has been working on or completed DragonFly projects such as variant symlinks, MPIPE, the slab allocator, the namecache, LWKT, live CD, AMD64 work, and much more, including coordination of projects other contributors have submitted.

Many individuals have stepped up to contribute various pieces of code, documentation, ideas, and feedback to The DragonFly Project. Here's the list but it may be incomplete.


To send an email to one of the committers append dragonflybsd.org.

Additional contributors