DragonFly BSD



DragonFly BSD is a community effort and as such heavily relies on contributions of any kind. We always have more ideas than people who have the time to convert them into reality.

While most people would think that only kernel developers are welcome, this is not the case as the DragonFly BSD project is more than just a kernel: it is a complete Operating System. An operating system definitely needs programmers (both userland and kernel) but there are many other ongoing tasks as the documentation of the system, one of the most vital tasks.

If you need help with any of the tasks, or even if you just want to let everyone know you started on something, saying so on either IRC (efnet, #dragonflybsd) or on one of the mailinglists is a good place to start. It's also generally a good idea to sift through the ?howtos, as for example the HowTo for new Kernel Developers (howtonewkerneldeveloper) can help you.


Programming related

Other tasks