DragonFly BSD

tuxillo TODO

This is my personal TODO, I will try to keep it as updated as possible. The format will be a short descriptionm, some notes attached to it and a status. If there's need for a longer analysis, explanation, a separate page will be created and linked from here.


Description Notes Status
Create opengrok-tools in FreeBSD Ports OpenGrok scripts were re-written in Python so, in a ports-like manner, I've created devel/py-opengrok-tools and its dependencies will be resolved within ports.
Link: Rev 491363
Update devel/opengrok to latest in FreeBSD Ports The port should work on both DragonFly BSD and FreeBSD Ongoing
Rewrite the ports extraction script The initial idea is to write a multi-processing Python script which would extract several ports in parallel in a cleaner way. The current extraction script is too messy. Pending