DragonFly BSD



As of the writing of this document, Midori is in dports as www/midori.

Binary package

As root:

# pkg install midori

Building from source

A Dports checkout/tarball is needed for this, usually you can get it easily by following the instructions in /usr/Makefile:

# cd /usr
# make help

To install:

# cd /usr/dports/www/midori
# make BATCH=yes install clean

You can also use synth to install it:

# cd ~
# synth install www/midori


Always check what the pkg-message of the package says. It will give some recommendations for the setup.

# pkg info -D midori

For Midori specifically bear in mind that IPC in FreeBSD works differently as it works in DragonFly BSD.


Besides the usual recommendations for web browsing security, we've created also a way of setting up Chromium to minimize the risks of exposure to certain vulnerabilities (Spectre, Meltdown) among other things. Please see: RunSecureBrowser Similar guidelines could be applied to any other browser although they may not have the same security mechanisms Chromium has.

Known issues

Please list down all the problems there might be with this browser below.

BugURL Description Workaround Status
DeltaPorts#875 Crash on startup, Midori won't start None Ongoing
None Missing new tab/new bookmark icon None Unresolved