DragonFly BSD

DragonFly as a KVM guest

assuming a GNU/Linux KVM host/hypervisor

Grab the ISO and proceed through VNC until you switch to serial mode. The trick is not to use a pre-defined os-variant as it overrides our virtio settings.

    virt-install \
            --name dfly621 \
            --vcpus 2 \
            --ram 256 \
            --disk path=/data/guests/dfly621/dfly621.qcow2,size=8,bus=virtio \
            --cdrom /data/ISO-IMAGES/dfly/dfly-x86_64-6.2.1_REL.iso \
            --network bridge=virbr0,model=virtio \
                    --graphics vnc --noautoconsole

Note: I got a kernel panic with HAMMER2 hence eventually go for UFS.

After successful installation, enable serial console.

    cp -pi /boot/loader.conf /boot/loader.conf.dist
    vi /boot/loader.conf

    set boot_serial="YES"
    set comconsole_speed=155200

In case you plan to edit the guest config as XML, consider the pc machine type, for some reason q35 did not work here.


KVM guest // DragonFly https://pub.nethence.com/kvm/guest-dfly

Setup on PC Engines APU2 Boards https://lists.dragonflybsd.org/pipermail/users/2020-June/404407.html