DragonFly BSD

DPorts TO-DO List

This is to keep track of the tasks, requirements, ... related to DPorts in general or port-specific. Please contact me (tuxillo) if you intend to work on any of these items.

DPorts in General

Description Ports affected Notes Status
`make index` to generate a JSON INDEX file All Current FreeBSD-ports `make describe` does not show flavors in the _DEPENDS list Pending

Specific DPorts

Description Ports affected Notes Workaround? Status
No posix_fallocate() or fallocate() available www/chromium @tkusumi: 09d96b9c N/A WIP
No sendmmsg() available www/chromium Need to gather information on what's needed. Available Pending
Add support for struct ip_mreqn in setsockopt(2) www/chromium @sephe: 1926f58. Strictly follow what Linux does for IP_MULTICAST_IF: IP_{ADD,DROP}_MEMBERSHIP. Need to adapt Chromium's code to use it. Will be done for RELEASE_6_0. Available WIP
No AF_ARP support in kernel security/gvm-libs Patch on lists. Anyone with the time and/or knowledge please look at this. @sephe: 91d9f448 Available WIP
Requires libusb(3) sync sysutils/plasma5-kinfocenter, x11/kde5, devel/openocd freebsd commit:04391da364e252ca , specifically LIBUSB_CLASS_PHYSICAL at the very least. Also missing, libusb_set_auto_detach_kernel_driver and libusb_set_auto_detach_kernel_driver NOT available Pending
Cannot use "large address space" lang/ghc Requires mmap(2) MAP_GUARD or something similar. NOT available Pending