DragonFly BSD


We have a cool new sound system so why not use its full potential? MPD is a powerful audio player that can even be controlled from another workstation, there are GNOME, KDE, console and web clients available for it. The program supports muiltiple formats, and also has ReplayGain support.

I have successfully built mpd on DragonFlyBSD 1.8.

cd /usr/pkgsrc/audio/musicpd

If you don't have X, and don't want it, you have to build it without AAC support, otherwise it installs X11 and Qt as dependencies:

# env PKG_OPTIONS.musicpd=-aac bmake install clean clean-depends

If you are OK with the X stuff, the good ol' bmake install clean clean-depends will do the trick. Copy /usr/pkg/share/examples/mpd/mpd.conf to /usr/pkg/etc/ and edit it with your favourite editor. Now you have to change the host/port and the directories to your liking, and also change ao_driver_options:

ao_driver_options       "dsp=/dev/dsp"

Then add this line into /etc/rc.conf:


Start mpd:

# rcenable mpd

That's it, now get your favourite client (phpmpc and ncmpc work for me, I stuck with the latter).