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KDE on DragonFlyBSD

KDE is available on DragonFlyBSD in its up-to-date incarnation. You can install it via pkgsrc as binary package or compile it on your machine from source.

Necessary pkgsrc-packages

This are the pkgsrc-packages for KDE:

There's a meta-package for this kde packages available: meta-pkgs/kde3

Installing binaries or build from sourcecode?

Installing binary packages is way faster, but some features of KDE aren't enabled in the binary packages (e. g. CUPS-support), so you may want to compile from source, if you need this features.

Prerequisite libraries

In case you decide to compile it from source, you should install some packages before:

Check out also http://www.kde.org/info/requirements/3.5.php for additional packages!

Beware: building from source will need a lot of time!

There are also some KDE apps available, like Amarok, KMplayer and Konversation, but not all of them build or are available as binary package by now.


Here are some issues, I've found:

Tips & tricks