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Using dma for sending mails via GMail SMTP


This HOWTO helps you to set up dma for sending mails via gmail accounts. It's useful if you do not want to run -- and especially setup -- sendmail, postfix or other big MTA. So it's ideal for home use.

Sending mails via gmail reduces the risk that your mail lands in some spam mailbox.

Why these?

The DragonFly Mail Agent (dma) is a small Mail Transport Agent (MTA), designed for home and office use. On a DragonFly system why should you use anything else?

Mutt is a small but very powerful text-based mail client for Unix operating systems. I haven't found any better until now.


dma: part of the base DragonFly system, so you already have it.

Mutt: You can install it from the pkgsrc tree (mail/mutt or mail/mutt-devel) or you can use prebuilt binaries.






SMARTHOST smtp.gmail.com

PORT 587

AUTHPATH /etc/dma/auth.conf




**Note: read man dma before using the INSECURE directive above



set sendmail="/usr/libexec/dma"

Google App Password

For Google accounts with two-factor authentication enabled, SMTP authorization with your normal password will fail. Instead, you will need to login and create an app-specific password.