DragonFly BSD

Formatting wiki pages

Text on this wiki is, by default, written in the MarkDown format, which is very close to how you might write text for an email, and here is a good MarkDown Cheatsheet. The following are some basic syntax and rules:

Leave blank lines between paragraphs.

You can *emphasize* or **strongly emphasize** text by placing it in single or double asterisks.

To create a list, start each line with an asterisk:

To make a numbered list, start each line with a number (any number will do) followed by a period:

  1. 1. first line
  2. 2. second line
  3. 2. third line

To create a header, start a line with one or more # characters followed by a space and the header text. The number of # characters controls the size of the header:

# h1

## h2

### h3

#### h4

##### h5
###### h6

To create a horizontal rule, just write three or more dashes or stars on their own line:

To quote someone, prefix the quote with >:

To be or not to be, that is the question.

To write a code block, indent each line with a Tab or 4 spaces:

10 PRINT "Hello, world!"
20 GOTO 10

To link to an URL or email address, you can just put the URL in double-angle brackets: <http://ikiwiki.info>, or you can use the form [link text](url)

In addition to basic HTML formatting using MarkDown, this wiki lets you use the following additional features: