DragonFly BSD


DragonFly BSD 6.2

DragonFly version 6.2 is the next step in the 6.x release series. This version has hardware support for type-2 hypervisors with NVMM, an amdgpu driver, the experimental ability to remote-mount HAMMER2 volumes, and many other changes.

The details of all commits between the 6.0 and 6.2 releases are available in the associated commit messages for 6.2.1. 6.2.0 was not released.

To see all the bugtracker issues that were closed for this release, please check here.

Big-ticket items



MD5 (dfly-x86_64-6.2.1_REL.img) = d1af5093f675d55de46c3a6ed0689318
MD5 (dfly-x86_64-6.2.1_REL.iso) = 4f6dd87c3fe4241115cb54795d7ba011
MD5 (dfly-x86_64-6.2.1_REL.img.bz2) = 0816715efc77c264c6e10bccb337d7c2
MD5 (dfly-x86_64-6.2.1_REL.iso.bz2) = 6c51bf2b28b9f05f364590a50b1b423f


If you have an existing 5.x or 6.0 system and are running a generic kernel, the normal upgrade process, described below, will work.

Change your local /usr/src to 6.2:

cd /usr/src
git fetch origin
git branch DragonFly_RELEASE_6_2 origin/DragonFly_RELEASE_6_2
git checkout DragonFly_RELEASE_6_2
git pull

And then rebuild: (in /usr/src)

make build-all
make install-all

(reboot your system)

make initrd 

make initrd is optional for systems with unencrypted disks. See the initrd(7) man page for details.

Don't forget to upgrade your existing packages. 6.2 packages have already been built and are immediately available.

pkg update
pkg upgrade

If you get a lua error when upgrading pkg, copy over a new config file:

cp /usr/local/etc/pkg/repos/df-latest.conf.sample /usr/local/etc/pkg/repos/df-latest.conf

All other changes since prior release

Security Issues





Driver updates




DSynth work

Various tools have been upgraded in the base system:

Compiler status

Package updates