DragonFly BSD



Closed issues

Issue # Description
[270] Another annoying dvd playback bug
[1527] extremely bad USB/msdos performance
[1638] OpenSSL cryptodev patch
[1645] msdos utility (sbin) patches
[1716] can't stop bmake (without args) in /usr/pkgsrc
[1730] pkgsrc BIND asserts under load
[1742] PAT support
[1746] Panic: 'Fatal trap 12' page fault while in kernel mode
[1784] wlan_crypt_tkip panic
[1865] Own DragonFly ELF brand name
[1878] dsched_fq and occasional console freeze
[1889] xdm won't start
[1933] HAMMER Insufficient undo FIFO space panic
[1996] panic: assertion: p->p_lock == 0 in kern_wait
[2036] pkgsrc current - rpkgmanager coredumps ruby18
[2110] incoherent packages for gettext-lib
[2119] Code Bounty: rum(4) in REL-2.12
[2130] malloc(SIZE_MAX) returns a buffer sized for 0.
[2137] vm_prefault: Warning
[2162] Openbox package missing obconf component.
[2207] [PATCH] Enhancement the support for clang in compilers.conf
[2253] Weird behavior of some modules
[2255] [PATCH] Outdated compilers.conf.5. -DNO_GCC44 changed to -DNO_GCC41
[2299] Prevent mapping to page 0 on pc32
[2307] Firefox has memory leak
[2407] openpam won't look for pkgsrc pam module path
[2525] [PATCH] Small Fixes
[2628] Vendor branch update for WPA-Supplicant and HostAPD
[2639] Sync install with FreeBSD
[2791] Float exception with vi
[2829] copyright notices
[2875] Move part_type structure definition to the
[2876] fdisk(8): cleanups and bug fixes
[2897] Default compiler ignores LIBRARY_PATH
[2966] freebsd 11 grep version 2.5.1
[2974] firefox segfaults on certain pages unless ENV force_s3tc_enable is set
[3027] installer: password do not allow special characters
[3033] dfly-x86_64-4.8.0_REL.img checksum!!
[3038] Intel Ethernet Could not Connect to Network
[3039] SSL problem after pkg upgrade
[3045] net.inet.ip.fastforwarding causes PF NAT to break/duplicate packets
[3050] panic DragonFly v4.8.1-RELEASE by mounting a malformed msdosfs image [22.000]
[3055] HAMMER2 crash + LK_RELEASE fail
[3058] [patch] Update mandoc to 1.14.3
[3082] network hangs
[3096] VM bug in pmap code.
[3106] go from pkg install hanging when running tests
[3144] panic: no init. Dell Inspirion 5720
[3146] Virtio Memory Balloon
[3149] Enable installer over serial console
[3151] Fix nrelease boot blocks installation
[3153] Fix Intel Centrino Advanced 6235 missing subdevice id 0x5260
[3159] terminfo: Build and install st and st-256color
[3161] CD's Autorun links to wrong URL
[3162] sleep() is not a pthread cancel point?
[3163] /usr/bin/pkill: Add option -T to restrict to current terminal
[3164] DFBSD 5.4 keyboard doesn't work
[3166] ifconfig alias directive no longer working
[3167] UEFI boot hangs right after initializing UEFI framebuffer
[3168] Documentation
[3171] mesa-libs 18.3.2 not working
[3173] Gimp: Shared object libstdc++.so.9 not found
[3175] DragonFly won't boot on GCE
[3181] mount_hammer2 panic on empty disks
[3183] Go builder: failures connecting to locally created webservice during build tests
[3202] Cannot boot from HAMMER2
[3230] tun/tap: conflict between devfs clone and interface clone
[3232] tun/tap: get error message 'create: bad value' when the interface already exists
[3237] msdosfs: can't properly read files longer than couple of kilobytes
[3241] Sync shutdown(8) and reboot(8) with FreeBSD
[3242] ddb.4 - document hardware watchpoints
[3248] sync sh(1) with FreeBSD to 2020 version
[3250] getcwd() succeeds even if the current directory no longer exists
[3255] atime on pty devices increments faster than system time
[3256] [PATCH] finger: widen TTY field to avoid truncation
[3257] [PATCH] finger: Fix lastlogx logic.
[3258] [PATCH] finger: Remove '-T' option.
[3259] [PATCH] finger: Reduce default width of login name field.
[3260] [PATCH] w: Take into account terminal session ID.
[3261] [PATCH] talkd: Find users for more than one talk request.
[3262] [PATCH] talk: talk into account sa_len field in sockaddr.
[3263] [PATCH] Add memory barriers on some ASM functions
[3264] [PATCH] Clarify XSAVE features
[3265] [PATCH] Add and rename CPU definitions
[3268] parent process does not receive POLLHUP events
[3270] fix man pages for sysctl KERN_OSREV and KERN_OSRELDATE
[3272] fstat: Show offset for device files too.
[3275] [PATCH] pw_scan: remove checks for (u,g)ids > USHRT_MAX.
[3277] Drops core when playing video (audio?) in browser.
[3279] Misc. documentation updates in kernel
[3285] Make the short uname hint match the man page.
[3286] page fault in dsp_kqfilter / knote_insert using snd_hda
[3287] change HAMMER2 snapshot periodic script
[3288] Dports compilation Issue (make and bmake)
[3291] Patch: fix for ndp -s saying writing to routing socket: Network is unreachable
[3292] nvmm: Fails to boot ISO snapshot (as of Aug
[3293] [PATCH] dsynth.1: Document hooks
[3296] [PATCH] sys/kern: Add posix_fallocate(2)
[3297] [PATCH] sys/kern: Add fdatasync(2)
[3308] [PATCH] Remove GPL ext2 and make sys/vfs/ext2fs the default
[3309] psm0 (Synaptics Touchpad) regularily freezes mouse for 2 seconds