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Chromebook Config DragonFly currently supports the Acer C720 and C720p Intel-haswell chromebook. You must follow the linux directions on how to unlock the chromebook so non-chrome OSs can be installed. Generally speaking, the linux directions get you to a point where you can boot any kernel via the built-in SeaBIOS. Note that you can always restore your chromebook back to using chrome by following Google's directions on recovering a chromebook. On the Acer C720 you need to load specific drivers to gain...
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Machine Setup Examples Chromebook (Acer C720/C720p) Dell XPS 9360 etc ASUS BIOSes and 4TB drives Broadwell (e.g. Gigabyte BRIX--5) Kabylake / Kabylake NUC 4K-Displays Ryzen and Threadripper ...
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DragonFly BSD 4.2 Version 4.2.0 released 29 June 2015. Version 4.2.1 released 01 July 2015. Version 4.2.3 released 13 July 2015. Version 4.2.4 released 10 August 2015. Version 4.2 of DragonFly brings significant updates to i915 and Radeon support, a move to GCC 5 (and the first BSD to do so), a replacement to Sendmail, and numerous other changes including OpenSSL updates, a new boot screen, improved sound, and improved USB support. 4.2.1 brings a fix for a crash when using i915 video. Version 4.2.2 was...
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